19 July 2021

Business Western Sydney calls for the scraping of zero construction work and instead implement the same rules Victoria imposes during this current lockdown period.

“Western Sydney is the home of both construction jobs and construction workers, having zero construction work take place in largely outdoor settings defies logic,” said David Borger, Executive Director of Business Western Sydney.

“By completely halting all construction, we run the risk of thousands of workers, sub-contractors and business owners completely going bust. We need to move immediately to the Victorian style rule of 25% of workers on a major construction site.

“The Parramatta CBD has been a hotbed for construction and now it looks like a graveyard. Having construction that takes place in outdoor, unoccupied locations, while adhering to a COVID Safe Plan will ensure that work on important infrastructure and developments can take place – and that workers will be able to make a livable wage.

“The knock-on effects of having zero construction work will be devastating. Business, sub-contractors and workers alike have budgeted their mortgages and other expenses based on the ability to work. Being able to survive on a $600 pw disaster payment just does not cut the mustard for workers who cannot conduct their duties behind a computer screen.