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Business Western Sydney provides a loud and clear voice for Western Sydney to all levels of government, championing innovative public and economic policies that will secure the region's future prosperity.

By 2030, over one million new people are expected to call Greater Western Sydney home. It will be where 44% of Sydney's residents, 9% of Australia's total population lives. It will deliver $104 billion to the economy and represent 8% of Australia's total gross domestic product; a figure that would put Western Sydney in the top 60 economies in the world if it was a stand-alone country. It is a land of unprecedented transformation and opportunity. 

However, the COVID-19 pandemic has exposed challenges across the country. For Australia to bounce back quickly, it needs a strong Western Sydney to generate jobs and stimulate economic activity. 

We know how to drive change, how to influence and how to lead the policy agenda. We give Western Sydney a powerful voice and use it to amplify the campaigns that will deliver new jobs and unlock more green spaces. We are a voice for building more infrastructure and better educational, housing, arts and cultural facilities.

there has never been a more important time for innovative thinking supported by strong public policy. Legacy precincts are being transformed into world-class facilities and booming residential development, and once-in-a-century mega projects like Western Sydney Airport and its supporting infrastructure network, are now underway. 

Our mission is simple: we want Western Sydney to be the best place in Australia to live, work and invest.

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How we do it?

  • We work with our member group and external stakeholders to identify emerging challenges and new opportunities for Western Sydney.
  • We develop policy solutions which we then recommend to government for implementation.
  • We produce well-argued, compelling papers, reports and submissions to back up our advocacy.
  • We undertake and commission research to ensure that positions are supported with indepth data and analysis of current sentiment.
  • We meet with politicians, their staff and public servants to put the case for Western Sydney.
  • We deliver an events program that brings our member group, government and key stakeholders together to discuss the policy agenda.
  • We use television, radio, print and social media to amplify our reach and stimulate public debate.

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Advocacy in action

From airports to green spaces and affordable housing to commercial office spaces, Business Western Sydney works across a variety of advocacy campaigns at any given time. 

We invite you to review our current advocacy areas.

Upcoming events

Business Western Sydney hosts over 40 member events per year, hosting Federal and State Ministers, senior public servants and business and industry leaders.

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