Western Sydney Advocacy Services Submissions

Business Western Sydney prepares submissions to government and other decision makers on behalf of our members. These submissions cover a broad range of topics across planning and cities, transport and infrastructure, tourism, health, finance, arts and culture, and governance arrangements. 

Latest Submission - NSW Budget Submission 2024-25

Business Western Sydney, is one of the region’s leading not-for-profit business organisations representing more than 100 of the region’s largest organisations in industry, business, government, and community sectors. Our goal is to support greater private and public investment that will reduce the region’s job deficit and make it a better place to live, work, learn and socialise.

We have consulted with our members and have compiled 34 recommendations for consideration for funding by the NSW Budget 2024-25. 

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In conjunction with member consultation, Business Western Sydney Submitted a 2022-23 pre-budget submission to the NSW Treasury, outlinning the key considerations for the 2022-23 budget. 

Submission - Pre-Budget Submission 2022-23

Business Western Sydney Submission to the Parramatta Late Night Trading Development Control Plan Exhibition

Submission - BWS Submission Parramatta Late Night Trading DCP.pdf (27 Jan 2022)

In April 2020, the Hon. Rob Stokes MP, Minister for Planning and Public Spaces requested the NSW Productivity Commissioner undertake a review of the infrastructure contributions system in New South Wales.

Business Western Sydney, alongside Business NSW and Business Sydney, made a submission suggesting that reforms to local government funding are needed to address the underlying issues. There is also a case to establish a taxation and property levy system that’s capable of meeting the needs of the community.

This review provided an opportunity to resolve some of the administrative challenges associated with the current system and deliver a bigger opportunity to ensure infrastructure contributions – and infrastructure funding more generally – form part of a broader funding system that is optimised to boost economic capacity and deliver improved amenity.

Submission - Infrastructure-Contributions-Submission-to-Productivity-Commisioner-August-2020.pdf (3 Aug 2020)

Business Western Sydney is pleased to provide feedback on the Sydney Metro West Rydalmere strategic optional station location on behalf of our members. We thank you for the opportunity to do so. We are eager to see the transformational effect that the Sydney Metro West project will have on the Greater Parramatta and Olympic Peninsula (GPOP) region.  

Submission20191220-Sydney-Metro-West-Submission-(WSBC).pdf (16 Dec 2019)

Business Western Sydney is pleased to provide feedback on the Greater Sydney Commission’s Precinct-Based Infrastructure Compact (PIC) on behalf of our members.

We congratulate the Greater Sydney Commission on the release of the draft PIC and the achievement of co-ordinating the response and agreement of 20 government agencies and utility providers in the creation of the model that underpins the draft PIC.

We applaud the selection of Greater Parramatta and the Olympic Peninsula (GPOP) as the pilot precinct for the development of the PIC model and strongly encourage the NSW Government to continue to invest in the growth and success of G-POP as the Central City in the Greater Sydney Commission’s Metropolis of Three Cities strategy. 

Submission191216-Western-Sydney-Business-Chamber-PIC-Submission.pdf (16 Dec 2019)

Business Western Sydney welcomes the opportunity to provide feedback on the City of Parramatta’s Draft Parramatta Night City Framework 2020 -2024. The Chamber has been a vocal advocate of the need to enhance the night time economies of the cities of Western Sydney with the City of Parramatta being a key focus of our advocacy. We believe that the entire Greater Sydney metropolitan area is missing out on an obvious and low hanging opportunity to expand economic activity by embracing the night time through regulatory changes and strategic investments in events and key infrastructure. 

Submission - Western-Sydney-Business-Chamber-response-to-Draft-Parramatta-Night-City-Framework-2020-2024.pdf (11 Nov 2019)

Business NSW and Business Western Sydney - Joint Submission to the Draft Future Transport Strategy.

Submission - Future Transport 2056 (13 Dec 2017)

Joint Sydney Business Chamber and Committee for Sydney submission on the Metro West project

Submission Joint submission on the Metro West project (16 Nov 2017)

Business Western Sydney welcomes the opportunity to comment on the Greater Sydney Commission’s Draft District Plans. 

Submission South West Draft District Plan (12 Feb 2019)

Joint submission from Business Western Sydney, Sydney Olympic Business Association and NRMA.

Submission - Sydney Olympic Park Master Plan 2030 - 2016 Review Submission (22 Nov 2016)

Business Western Sydney submission to the joint NSW and Federal Government's Western Sydney Rail Needs Scoping Study: Discussion Paper.

Submission - Western Sydney Rail Needs (28 Oct 2016)

Business Western Sydney submission to NSW Government’s Council Boundary Review - Auburn City, Holroyd City, Parramatta City, The Hills Shire, and Hornsby Shire councils.

Submission Council Boundary Review (25 Feb 2016)

Business Western Sydney letter to NSW Minister For Planning advocating for the establishment of a Western Sydney Development Authority.

Submission Letter to NSW Minister For Planning advocating for the establishment of a Western Sydney Development Authority. (23 Nov 2015)

Business Western Sydney welcomes the opportunity to provide this submission, in support of the Proposed Standard Instrument Amendment Order 2015, to better accommodate the development of hardware, building supplies and garden centres within industrial zones. 

Submission Local Environment Plans Amendment (18 Nov 2015)